Finish Balancer with Transducer CEMB Itali - 3HP

پرزان صنعت توليد کننده ماشين آلات تعميرگاهی و دستگاههای بالانس صنعتي


Finish Balancer with Transducer

– Compatibility of car, truck and bus wheel balancing mood.

– Special Transducer for Truck and bus


Angular accuracy:                                                                              ± 2.5

Reading accuracy:                                                                              ± 1 gr

Three-phase motor power:                                                        KW 4 – 5,5  / 3HP

Maximum weight loadable on each car transducer:                             700 kg

Maximum weight loadable on each truck transducer:                           6000 kg

Dimension:                                                                              1030×500×610

Car transducer:                                                                         93 kg

Truck transducer:                                                                     106 Kg


Catalog L88

Additional information

Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 103 × 50 × 61 cm
ویژگی ها:

* قابلیت استفاده جهت خودرو های سواری و سنگین
* جهت خودرو سنگین از خرک مخصوص استفاده می شود
* قدرت موتور 5.5 اسب سه فاز
* دقت : 1 گرم


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