Calibration Laboratory

Parzan Sanat Manufacturer of industrial machinery and balancing machines

Parsan Calibration Laboratory of Kurdistan Industry

This laboratory was established to ensure the high quality of customer service provided in the field of factory equipment from the very beginning, and was developed according to the requirements of ISO / IEC17025 and implemented in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025. The title of an independent company, Parzan Sanat Kordan Laboratory, was registered in the Office of the Registrar of Non-Commercial Companies and Companies on 12/12/2011.

Scope of this laboratory in the field of calibration services for all types of light and heavy vehicle wheel balances, light and heavy vehicle steering, light car fuel gauge, light and heavy vehicle gas cooling, chassis ruler (2.5 m length), vehicle line test Lightweight and heavy duty built and Nox calibration services, along with servicing the steering gear for Caster angles, are also included in the Scope.

Laboratory personnel are selected from skilled and trained personnel working in parallel production lines. The equipment used in the laboratory is suitable for related activities (calibration and control of repairing equipment) and is planned with the future plans to expand the scope of work to purchase more equipment for the laboratory.

Regarding the calibration services, calibration is currently performed for the fuel meter and chassis ruler in the laboratory and for charging the air conditioner, steering, balance and line testing at the customer’s location.

The lab is also currently providing calibration services to Iran Khodro, Saipa, Toyota, Hyundai, Jailiran, Mammoth Diesel, Saipa Diesel, Bahman Group and technical examination centers throughout the country. . . To this end, adding new customers to this list is one of the main goals and is included in the vision of this laboratory unit.

Address: 15 km of Karaj-Qazvin highway, next to the second bridge of Kordan

Telex: 4-44332663-021